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Industrial Control Switch Customer Service

Whether it is a trading company or a factory, have you ever encountered: 

Want to customize a mold, but are you afraid of being deceived by a factory you've never met before? 

Want to unify the angle of the switch or the length of the back strip before leaving the factory, but the factory is unwilling to cooperate? 

Want to adjust the spring strength, but the unit price is high due to low demand? 

Want a custom color to match the rest of your collection but can't get a response? 

Want to start a new project and customize a special switch, but can't find a trustworthy partner? 

After selling to the user, the other party wants to inquire about parameters or materials, but the factory cannot respond at all.

For many electrical companies, MCCB and Pushbutton are star products, while the limit switch is only a "marginal" product. But for TMAZTZ, for more than 20 years, we have devoted all our efforts to position switch products, which can even be seen from our logo: TM, AZ, TZ.

We have an experienced sales consulting team, our own injection molding and stamping equipment, a team of experienced engineers, good relationships with local suppliers, and rich practical project experience.

Take a look at how we can work with you!

Integrating industry and trade, one-stop solution to your needs.

1. As a factory, we have huge advantages in product delivery and quality control.

2. We have an independent export authority and have set up collection accounts in mainland China and Singapore, supporting payments in USD, EUR, CAD, CNY, etc.

We are a professional industrial control manufacturer, becoming the most reliable partner for end customers and trading partners.


We have our own mold department, supports minor adjustments to product accessories.

Our stamping capabilities are recognized by many companies, some are Top 10 in China.


Our annual investment in mold maintenance is more than five times the cost of publicity. We believe that good publicity can make you aware of TMAZTZ, but stable quality is the fundamental reason for our continued cooperation.


TMAZTZ has an experienced pre-sales consulting team, if you have your own ideas - that's it. If you are not sure, we will make recommendations for you based on thousands of cases we have experienced.

If all methods cannot meet your needs, we will also propose customized solutions, such as extended back strips, or special rollers, etc.


We work well with our suppliers and never default on payment, so we can get lower prices for raw materials and minimum order quantities. Moreover, as a professional manufacturer, we can also help customers "group purchase", that is, we collect the needs of several customers and place an order together.


Want to look different? Come up with your ideas and we'll do the rest. Our operators are SMED trained and the equipment is adjusted to accommodate fast changeovers, all of which keeps the MOQ for TMAZTZ custom products low.


Our distributors are located all over the country, have a certain reputation in the industry, and our products are guaranteed.


1. We got "An evaluation" from the China Chamber of Commerce for the Import & Export of Machinery & Electronic.

2. Our switches have passed the certifications such as CCC and CE , hot sale items passed TuV, CB and UKCA also. Every year we are reviewed by TUV Rheinland.