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TZ-8 Limit Switches

TZ-8 limit switch in the specific production and manufacture, the limit switch is installed in a pre-arranged part, when the control module installed on the production of molecular thermal motion components collides with the limit switch, the contact point posture of the limit switch completes the conversion of the power supply circuit. Therefore, the limit switch is a kind of household appliance that converts the power supply circuit according to the stroke arrangement part of the fitness exercise component, and its basic principle of efficacy is similar to that of the button.

TZ-8 Limit Switch Product Features

1. Double circuit power supply type limited power switch;

2. Strong structure, composed of zinc alloy material and reinforced plastic;

3. Small size, moisture-proof, oil-resistant;

4. Hidden contact point seat with double reed organization, longer service life of mechanical equipment;

5. Has a large over-stroke arrangement;

6. Makes the wiring more simple Hose design scheme causes more types of devices, easy to use.

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