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What is safety limit switch?

The safety of the safety limit switch lies in the use of safety device signals connected to the safety relay, the safety relay output control PLC program operation, such as opening the safety door no matter how to operate the equipment will not run, cut off compressed air, hydraulics. Safety limit switches provide positively operated switching contacts to verify the position of machine elements or other moving parts for safety-related purposes. Our safety limit switches are available in a variety of housing types, each with a variety of drive mechanisms such as plungers, rollers and levers, all with precise operating points.

What is the difference between a safety limit switch and a normal limit switch?

A normal limit switch is a mechanical operation to the switch position that is stopped and the relevant operation is performed. The safety limit switch, installed in the normal rear, is the limit position of the device, double safety. Reaching the safety limit switch position, the device should immediately stop the power off and alarm.

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