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TMAZTZ Basic Micro Switch

The V-15 series micro switches produced by our company have high operating precision, diverse operation parts, and a wide range of applications.

The installation dimensions of the V-15 series basic micro switches are consistent with the mainstream micro switches on the market and are easy to replace. In 2019, TMAZTZ updated the rated current (Ie) into 16A, and pass the GB/T14048.5 and EN 60947-5 test.

In terms of operating mechanism, in addition to the basic plunger type, there are 6 structures available, such as lever item and roller item types.

According to the size of the terminal, it can be divided into -25 standard terminal (#4.75mm standard terminal) and -5 wide terminal (#6.35mm wide terminal). According to customer needs, -1A (normally open) with only 2 terminals is produced. model) and -1B (normally closed model)

The internal reed is made of high-quality beryllium bronze and can be customized according to customer needs to achieve adjustment of the operation force.

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