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TM-1 General-purpose Micro Switch

M is the name of our general-purpose horizontal micro switch series (TMAZTZ MICRO SWITCH). Obtained CCC CE and TuV certification, using high-standard resin shell, silver composite contacts, brass contacts, terminals and shell are fixed by riveting process.

Various switch series, among which TM-13 is a plunger model; TM-17 is a lever model (metal or nylon material can be selected); TM-1 is a compact prewired model.

The TM switch can be used in a variety of scenarios. As a general-purpose micro switch, it can be used to limit the position of the machine tool, detect the height of the collision block, etc. It should be noted that the TM-1 micro switch is not waterproof, so please keep the use environment dry and clean , or choose a PVC jacket for basic protection.

TM-1 micro switches are individually packaged, 20 pieces/box. In addition to regular sales, they are also used in our TZ-6 enclosed limit switches and TFS foot switches. Welcome to buy all kinds of micro switches in bulk from us.

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