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TFS-101 102 105 Foot Switch

With Plastic and metal shell for choosing.

Inside micro switch made by TMAZTZ, lead the best quality guarantee.

Protective guard type for machine tool.

TFS-101/102 will be phased out in 2020, and we recommend to use TFS-1/01 instead

Product List

Technical Parameters

TFS-101 102 105 Foot Switch



Type of switch enclosed& contact arrangement

Cable type / lengthCantactAction forceMaterial of Rind
Standard type Momentary ActionTFS-101



V15 micro switch

TFS-101 102 105 Foot Switch

0.75mm2,3C/0.5 meter,1 meter~3 meter. Default 1 meter.1A1B1.2kgPlastic
TFS-10215A 250VAC


TFS-101 102 105 Foot Switch

0.75mm2,3C/1 meter,1.5 meter~2 meter. Default 1 meter.1A1B1.1kg
Standard type Alternate actionTFS-1056A 250VAC


TFS-101 102 105 Foot Switch

0.75mm2 ,2C/1 meter,1 meter~2 meter. Default 1 meter.PUSH ON PUSH OFF2kgPlastic