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TMAZTZ Fire Emergency Drill

Nov. 08, 2023

With the arrival of winter, the weather is gradually drying out, and we are approaching the end of the year's peak preparation period. This undoubtedly requires enterprises not to slacken off in safety production. When the National Fire Safety Day is approaching on 9th November, TMAZTZ held a fire emergency drill in the open space of the factory. It aims to popularise the general knowledge of fire safety, check the hidden fire safety dangers in the factory, and improve the protective self-rescue and escape ability of the staff.

 TMAZTZ Fire Emergency Drill

TMAZTZ Fire Emergency Drill

Firstly, the safety officer explained the fire hazards that are likely to occur in the production process of the enterprise and inspected each workshop. Then, the safety officer focused on checking the placement and storage of fire extinguishers in each area, and finally, the employees carried out the simulated use of fire extinguishers.


Through this fire drill, the emergency personnel were provided with an actual combat simulation training, which made everyone familiar with the necessary emergency operation, further enhanced the staff's fire awareness and safety consciousness, and provided valuable experience to ensure the emergency response to possible accidents.


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