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TZ-8104 roller lever actuator Limit Switch

Double-circuit type of limit switch.

 Stainless steel& Nylon roller optional

Compact new design approximately 1/3 the size of TMAZTZ vertical limit switches.

With strong zinc cast base, and reinforced plastics outer shell, High. Structure preventing oil, water and pressure.

Structure enables the terminal section to be fully opened for easy wiring.

Degree of protection: IP65

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TZ-8108 Limit Switch

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Technical Parameters

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TZ-8104 is one of our star limit switch with stainless steel roller& strong zinc body

TZ-8104 Limit Switch


Rated voltageNoninductive Load (A)Inductive Load (A)
Resistance LoadLamp LoadInductive Load (A)Motor Load


Inrush CurrentN.C: below  24A, N.O: below  12A


1. Inductive load has a power factor of 0.4 min.(AC) and a time constant of 7 msec.max.(DC).

2. Lamp load has an inrush current of 10 times the steady-state current,while motor load has an inrush current of 6 times the steady-state current.

3. Product with spring, its usable range of operating part is within one third of the whole spring length from the front end of spring.


Operation speed0.5mm-50cm/sec
Operating frequencyElectical: 30 operations/minute
Contact resistance25mΩ max. (initial value)
Insulation resistance100mΩ Min. (below 500VDC)
ShockMechanical durable: 1, 000m/Sec2 (about 100G'S)
Malfunction: 300m/Sec2 (about 30G'S)
Ambient temperature-5~+65℃ (With no icing)
Humidity<95% RH
WeightAbout 130 to 190g
Degree of protectionIP65
Electrical LifeAbove 500000

Operating Characteristics

Operating Characteristics ModelTZ-8104TZ-8107TZ-8108TZ-8111TZ-8112TZ-8122TZ-8166TZ-8167TZ-8168TZ-8169
Operating forceOF   (Max)5.88N5.88N7.84N9.8N9.8N9.8N0.88N0.88N0.88N0.88N
Release forceRF   (Min)0.49N0.69N0.49N2.94N2.94N2.94N
Pre-travelPT   (Max)20°20°20°1.5mm1.5mm1.5mm30mm30mm30mm30mm
Over-travelOT   (Min)75°75°75°4mm4mm4mm
Movement differentialMD  (Max)10°10°10°1.2mm1.2mm1.2mm
Total travelTT   (Min)95°95°95°5.5mm5.5mm5.5mm
Operational positionOP26±0.8mm


Q1: Is stainless steel roller better than nylon roller?

A1: No, the cost of metal is higher, but just a difference in raw materials, not related A or B class. 

In some situation we prefer the nylon one

TZ-8108 adjustable roller lever Limit Switch

Q2:  Are there any accessories for mounting?

A2:  yes, there is a bag of screws, and a separate packaging, convenient for your preservation

TZ-8108 adjustable roller lever Limit Switch

Q3:  What is the material of the contact, Why does everyone say they used silver contacts?
A3:  Please ask if they are silver plated or silver composite contacts, TMAZTZ use silver composite contacts. And our factory is audited by TUV company every year, can provide compliance reports for all material

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