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Heavy Duty Aluminum Sealed Limit Switch

This is manufacturer of heavy duty aluminum sealed limit switch China who specialize in producing heavy-duty aluminum sealed limit switches, offering a wide range of options for customers to choose from.

WL limit switch belongs to the TMAZTZ longitudinal limit switch series. The specific scope of use is the limit of packaging equipment, aluminum casting machinery, solar charging panels and other occasions.

There are various operation parts, such as plunger type, roller type, spring type and rubber wheel.

Heavy duty aluminum sealed limit switch compared with the metal limit switches on the market, TMAZTZ brand WL series switches use an aluminum alloy shell, and add a self-lubricating copper sleeve at the connection between the head and the body to improve the strength of the shell, increases service life under extreme conditions. The use of various rubber sealing structures makes the protection level reach IP66.

In order to facilitate your installation, each WL series limit switch is packaged independently, and a M20 Cable Gland will be given as a gift.

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