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Microswitch type selection - environmental requirements

May. 03, 2021

Environmental requirements have a significant impact on the selection of micro switches, here we choose TMAZTZ micro-switch as an example, to explain the switch selection strategy under different operating environment requirements.

(1)If the equipment itself is in good use environment, the travel switch position is less oil and water spray;Or at the nut, a panel separates the head from the switch body.At this time, for cost consideration, you can choose the TM-1 switch in the lower left corner (customers can also choose to add a protective cover to the switch).

(2)If the dust in the environment is large, you can choose to install the same size TZ-7 travel switch.As a result of much plastic base and shell, the protective nature rises a grade.

Microswitch type selection - TMAZTZ switches

(3) TMAZTZ TZ-6 sealed limit switch is recommended if there is minimal dust and water droplets in the operating environment and the installation position is sufficient.By adding metal housing on the outside of the TM micro switch and rubber sealing ring on the inside.The protection class of TZ-6 series (rubber cover type) can reach IP65, which can resist the entry of all angles of low-pressure jet water column and all kinds of dust.If the use environment is relatively dry, only the dust is large, then choose TZ-6 (ordinary type) switch is also a good choice.

TMAZTZ switch's environmental requirements

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