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T4N-4A72R Manual Reset One-way Plunger Roller Safety Limit Switch

 Forced open action device(NC contacts only), it can disconnect the contact when the contact has fusing and other failures.

 Standardized gold-clad contacts provide high contact reliability, Can be used with both standard loads and microloads.

 Contact forms 1NC/1NO, 2NC, 2NC+1NO and 3NC.

Product List

Technical Parameters


Protection level*1IP66
Life *4ElectricalMore than 500,000 times (AC250V 3A, resistive load) *3
More than 300,000 times (AC250V 10A, resistive load)
Operating speed1 ~ 500mm/s(T4N-4A20R)
Operating frequencyMax. 30 times/min
 Contact resistance25 mΩ or less
Minimum working load *41mA resistive load below DC5V (N standard reference value)
Rated insulation voltage (Ui)380V
Electric shock proof protection gradeClass II (double insulated)
Pollution degree (environmental conditions)Pollution degree 3 (EN60947-5-1)
Withstand voltage (EN60947-5-1)Between homopolar terminals: 2.5kV
Between heteropolar terminals: 4kV
Between terminals and uncharged metal parts: 6kV
Insulation resistanceAbove 100MΩ
Contact gapMinimum 2×0.5mm quick-action type, Minimum 2×2mm slow-action type
VibrationMalfunction10~55Hz0.75mm single amplitude
Ambient temperature-20 ~ +70℃ (No ice or dew)
Ambient humidityLess than 95% RH

About 92g (T4N-4A20R)

About 100g (With gland)

1.The above values are initial values.

2.Once the contact is connected to a standard load, it can not be used to connect a smaller load. If so, the contact may result in rough surface, thus losing contact reliability.

(1)The protection level is gotten based on test method of (EN60947-5-1). Please make sure its sealing under actual environmental conditions before use. The switch box has dust and oil resistance structure, but it should be used in places without dust, oil and chemicals.    Otherwise it may lead to premature wear, damage or malfunction.

(2)The durability is for ambient temperature of 5℃ ~ 35℃ and humidity of 40% to 70% RH. For additional details, please contact us.

(3)When the ambient temperature is above 35℃ , more than 2 circuits 3A 250VAC loads are


(4)The values will vary with different switching frequency, environmental conditions,

reliability level and other factors. Please confirm on the actual load in advance.

Model Designations

ItemCode Description
① Conduit /connector size4

M20 (1 conduit type)


M20 (2 conduits type)

② Built-in switchA1NC/1NO 


③Head and driving rod20Roller lever (resin lever, resin ball)
22Roller lever (metal lever, resin ball)
25Roller lever (metal lever, metal resin ball)
2GAdjustable roller lever, Form Lock (metal lever, resin ball)
2HAdjustable roller lever, Form Lock (metal lever, rubber ball)
2MAdjustable roller lever, Form Lock (metal lever, metal resin ball)
31Top plunger type
32Top plunger ball type
62Unilateral cantilever ball type (horizontal)
72Unilateral cantilever ball type (vertical)

T4N-4A2MR Manual Reset Safety Limit Switch

Action characteristics

ModelT4N- □□ 20RT4N- □□ 22RT4N- □□ 2GR
T4N- □□ 2HRT4N- □□ 31RT4N- □□ 32RT4N- □□ 62RT4N- □□ 72R
PT2*4(44° )(44° )(44° )(44° )(2.9mm)(2.9mm)(5.2mm)(4.3mm)
DOTMin. *650°50°50°50°3.2mm3.2mm5.8mm5.8mm
DOFMin.* 620N

(1)The simultaneity of ON / OFF operation of 2NC contacts have difference, please make sure before using it.

(2)The property value when length of lever is 32mm.

(3)PT value when NC contact is at open (OFF) state.

(4)PT common value when NO contact is at close (ON) state (only for 1NC/1NO types). 

(5)Reference values.

(6)Load and travel values of forced disconnect structure. To ensure safety, be sure to remain within the upper and lower range.