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T511A On-Off Toggle Switch SPST

The current has 10A and 15A

Movement way has fixed type and auto-return type (both single-throw and double-throw can return)

The terminal block has screw terminal and solder terminal (tab terminal also can be used)

Rainproof cap, water-proof and oil-proof, it is suitable for full series products

Mounting hole: φ12mm

Product List

Technical Parameters

T511A SPST On-Off Toggle Switch


LoadTypeAC RatingDC Rating
Resistance LoadTO10A 250V 15A 125V0.4A  250V 0.8A  125V
T515A 250V 20A 125V0.5A  250V 0.9A  125V
Inductive LoadTO10A 250V 15A 250V0.2A  250V 0.4A  125V
T515A 250V 20A 125V0.3A  250V 0.5A  125V 15A
Lamp LoadTO300W 100V 500W 200V30V
T5400W 125V 800W 250V-
Motor LoadTO200W 125V 300W 250V7A 30V
T5400W  125V (single phase)
TO550W 250V (three phase)
T5750W 250V (three phase)


Contact resistance15MΩmax. (initial)
Insulation resistance100MΩ above Under 500VDC
Dielectric strength2000VAC,50/60Hz For 1minute
Vibration10-55Hz,1.5mmDouble amplitude
Ambien temperture-10℃~+80℃ (With no icing)
Humidity85% RH max

Model Designations

T□-□ □

 ① ②③

TypeTO10A 250VAC
TOR10A 250VAC  Spring return
T515A 250VAC
T5R15A 250VAC  Spring return
Contact11Single pole single throw ON-OFF
12Single pole double throw ON-ON
13ingle pole double throw (central OFF)ON-OFF-ON
131Single pole double throw (central OFF single  returm)ON-OFF-ON
21Double pole single throw ON-OFF
22Double pole double throw ON-ON
23Double pole double throw (central OFF)ON-OFF-ON
231Double pole double throw (central OFF single  retum)ON-OFF-ON
(#250) Tab terminal
 Screw terminal
(#187) Solder terminal

T511B On-Off Toggle Switch SPST