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TZ-3112 Stainless steel round button plunger waterproof limit switch

Sealing characteristics that meet IEC IP67 degree of protection.

Triple-sealed construction:

Plunger section sealed via nitrile rubber packing seal and diaphragm; switch section sealed via nitrile rubber cap; cable entrance sealed via encapsulating material.

Cable lengths of 3 and 5 m available on standard models.

Multiple mounting possible with Switches with Plungers.

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TZ-3103 Waterproof D4C XCMN21 Limit Switch

Product List

Technical Parameters

TZ-3112 waterproof limit switch


Rated voltageNoninductive Load (A)Inductive Load (A)
Resistance LoadLamp LoadInductive Load (A)Motor Load
125 VAC5 (0.1)1.50.732.51.3
250 VAC310.521.50.8
8 VDC5 (0.1)2543
14 VDC5 (0.1)2443
30 VDC4 (0.1)2333
125 VDC0.
250 VDC0.
Surge currentNC20A (under)
NO10A (under)


Rating5A 125V,3A 250VAC
Operating speed1mm~1m/s
Operating frequencyMechanical:120 operations/min. Electrical:30 operations/min.
Contact resistance15mΩ max.(initial)
Inslation resistance100MΩ Min.(at 500VDC)
Dielectric strength50/60 Hz for 1 minute between terminals of the same polarity
50/60 Hz for 1 minute between current-carrying and non-current-carrying metal parts
1500VAC, 50/60 Hz for 1 minute between each terminal and
Vibration Frequency10 to 55HZ,1.5mm double amplitude
ShockMechanical:Approx.1000m/s2 (Appprox.100G'S)
Electrical:Approx.500m/s2 (Approx.50G'S)
Ambienttemperature-10℃~+70 ℃ (With no icing)
Humidity< 95% RH
WeightApprox.360g(cable length 3m)  Approx.540g(cable length 5m)
Degree of protectionIP67

Operating Characteristics

Operating CharacteristicsModelTZ-3101TZ-3102TZ-3103310,431,073,108TZ-3111TZ-3112TZ-3113TZ-3166,3169
Operating forceOF (Max)11.77N11.77N11.77N5.69N17.65N17.65N17.65N1.47N
Release forceRF (Min)4.41N4.41N4.41N1.47N4.41N4.41N4.41N
Pre-travelPT (Max)1.8mm1.8mm1.8mm25°1.8mm1.8mm1.8mm15°
Over-travelOT (Min)3mm3mm3mm40°3mm3mm3mm
Movement differentialMD(Max)0.2mm0.2mm0.2mm0.2mm0.2mm0.2mm
Operational positionOP15.7±1mm28.5±1mm28.5±1mm24.9±1mm(5)34.3±1mm(5)34.3±1mm(5)

NOTE: TZ-3104 the action characteristic of the swing rod for length 38mm.


Q1: How long is the default wire for the switch?  And can you make a longer item for me?

A1: The default length of wire is 3 meters. Sure we have produced 0.3-10 meters, the only point of consideration is delivery time, because all of the stock is 3meter.

Q2:  How do I connect it?

A2:  TZ-3 waterproof switch.png

Q3:  How many piece of switch in one box?
A3: Default box includes 50pcs of switch (about 20KGs). But we also provide sample box and mini box (of 10pcs)
Q4: Show me 100% real shot


As an origin manufacturer for waterproof limit switch, we welcome any inquiry of photo& videos